About Us

Niche, Boutique Hotel Operating Consultants is a dynamic team of hospitality experts managing full service luxury boutique hotels. We specialize in delivering guests a unique or customized experience in boutique properties. Experienced in all facets of hotel management, services, operations, repositioning, rebranding, development and marketing. We enable owners to realize their vision for an intimate and unique property. We believe in the niche of intimate “Boutique” properties and strive to redefine the brand.

Niche BHOC provides owners with options and flexibility. Whether your property is in transition between managers or seeking to be redefined. Or even if you only require temporary coverage we can provide you with solutions depending on your specific needs.

We provide you with external and objective advice and access to our specialized expertise. We assist you and your team in gaining awareness of our industry’s best practices. We provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. We provide expert recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performance specifically tailored to your needs.

Our “Niche” is in Boutique properties or unique independent hotels in exotic locations. We possess the experience to maneuver a boutique hotel in a competitive market to maximize efficiencies, improve guest satisfaction and ultimately increase profitability. But more importantly, establish a solid local team to carry your property’s unique vision successfully into the future.

Devin and Christine Nelles

Devin and Christine can definitely be described as a “dynamic duo.” This husband and wife team have successfully collaborated on projects to introduce major continuous improvements to hospitality properties.

Their achievement focused nature and exceptional work ethic have allowed them to prevail in many challenging situations and ensure the success of hospitality clients. They are available for contracts on an independent or team basis.

Downloadable pdf resumes and full bios of Christine and Devin are available below.

Christine Nelles

Devin Nelles


“An ideal management couple with their combined skills and expertise. They did a remarkable job of motivating the staff and building a true and sincere team spirit.”
Mark Scott, Director of Development, Spice Isle Trading Ltd

“Christine and Devin Nelles were lifesavers for me and my new hotel, Sugar Reef Bequia! ”
Heather Evans, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

“They’re fun, friendly, hip and upbeat and they make everything feel really easy while still maintaining a sense of luxury.  It’s a hard to find combination. ”
Pamela Norwood, Travel & Leisure
VP, Associate Publisher for Marketing

“Two very energetic individuals with a lot of passion for the industry… professional and very effective.”
Bernardo Bertucci
Laluna – Owner

“Niche has developed some projects in a short time that have proved not only financially profitable but also high guest satisfaction.”
Marie Cummings
Club Intrawest – General Manager

“A great transition team!”
Anya Fernald
Belcampo – CEO