Our Goal

We can help you determine what makes your property unique or special. Our goal is to help you clearly define your niche and then make sure you capitalize on it and stand out from the crowd.

Our Niche

We believe in stylish, unique boutique properties. Boutique hotels have rapidly become one of the fastest growing niches in the tourism industry.

We all know what a boutique hotel is, right? At least we think we do. When the term was first being used in hospitality back in the ’80s, it usually translated as pricey, fashionable and exclusive. Now this term boutique has become homogeneous in some ways. Today successful boutique hotels are selling an experience and not just a room for the night.

The success stories of boutique properties begin with fundamentals such as location, product quality, market demand, a clearly defined marketing approach, and effective distribution/reservations coverage. Story development is more important than ever, which relates back to the special nature of the experience or location, or the history behind the creation of the hotel. Style, service and size are all at the forefront. Hotels high on that “special something” scale will stand apart from the crowd.

Our Services

We bring the unique perspective of an owner/operator with extensive experience throughout the industry. We help you develop realistic goals for your property and implement them. We begin by getting to know your property, staff and market, and conducting a property evaluation. We create and develop standared operating procedures by working with operational departments to ensure guest service beyond expectations. We Integrate your current systems for, training, management, operations, accounting, inventory, purchasing, etc.

Operational Systems

Every property is unique and has different ways of doing things. We retool existing systems to improve the “flow” of your operation without changing your unique vision. We enable your team and your guests to interact more effectively, retooling your processes to ensure the flow of goods and services between the guest and employee is seamless.


We are only as strong as our weakest link. We build solid teams in remote or challenging locations with smaller labor pools and/or unique cultural environments. We have a sound understanding of what it takes to manage and relate to employees from different cultures and backgrounds and guide them to understand and execute what it is that guests from different cultures with different perspectives desire.

We believe good systems allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


Refresh your dining program. Open a new food and beverage outlet, re-design menus your menus or plant a kitchen garden.

As an owner of a hotel and restaurant, you need appraisals, market and feasibility studies, consulting services improve management’s understanding of the operation to increase your F&B operations profits and guest satisfaction.

We can offer support and perspective to your Chef, kitchen team, and wait staff to take your food and beverage quality and service to the next level.

Food & Beverage Consulting

Our reviews of food & beverage operations include an analysis of day-to-day operations and financials. We provide you with the information and recommendations you need regarding operations, inventory controls and menus, plus the strategic planning necessary to help you set clear objectives and reach your goals.


If your property is underperforming, we can get it back on track. Or if your property is established, we can help you take it to even greater heights. Our sales, marketing, public relations and operational strategies will boost occupancy and generate more revenue for your hotel, and include service training to ensure that your guests return again and again.

We can represent you at trade shows or improve your online performance.

Refresh your website and get more traffic to your reservations system. Also we now offer online audits. These services include a comprehensive assessment of a hotel’s or brand’s online presence through its website, review sites, social media sites and more:

Website refresh or redesign

Enhance content and links for optimal search engine visibility

Review marketing messages and social media

Strengthen online presence and brand imaging

Develop a strategic marketing plan that will last into the future

Repositioning or Rebranding

We infuse a sense of style to highlight what it is that is special about your product. This can include website refresh or redesign, marketing programs, brochures, menu’s, guest literature, etc. We look at every detail to create a complete message that follows through your complete product.

Owners need their unique properties to stand out from the crowd. We can help establish or highlight your boutique hotel’s characteristics to distinguish it from existing competitors. This transformation enables owners to reach maximum financial benefits and enjoy their unique lifestyle.


Let us evaluate your ecological performance based on the standard industry checklists performed by the leading tour operators (Virgin Tours, Air Canada Vacations, etc)

We can help you save thousands in lost utility costs and reduce your environmental footprint with solutions tailored to your property. We can audit your eco credentials and provide viable solutions.

We can enhance efficiency, maximize profitability, and demonstrate a positive commitment to the environment to guests, investors, and other relevant stakeholders.

As a corporate philosophy, we strive to integrate environmental and sustainability issues into existing operational processes – to ensure that recommended procedural or equipment enhancements are compatible with established practices. We provide our clients with practical sustainability solutions to facilitate sound decision-making by hospitality owners and operators.

Our Hotel Sustainability Assessment provides a fundamental review of operating practices across a range of areas including energy, water, waste management, and employee education. The Hotel Sustainability Assessment is a low-cost mechanism to evaluate a hotel’s environmental performance and understand the financial and operational implications of various improvements.

Our sustainability consulting services include:

Sustainability Audit & Proposal

Marketing of your program

Employee Training Modules Regarding Sustainability Practices

Environmental Certification Assessment


Design, layout, pre-opening services, training and management for spas.

We can keep your spa services up to date with the latest trends and issues. Evaluate and provide critical feedback to improve your services. Create training programs for your spa team. Most importantly, give your spa a sense of place by incorporating local ingredients and sensibilities into your spa program.

Create a competitive advantage.

Increase the guest experience.

Generate additional revenue streams and increase profitability.

Raise the value of the property.


With over twenty combined years of event management experience, Niche Events Management has been involved in a wide range of events providing event management, implementation and event management services to a wide range of clients.

Our Experience includes:

Corporate Events – Product Launches and Openings, Anniversaries and Celebrations, New Business Launches

Events management covers the provision of programs and series of events including corporate hospitality programs, sponsor programs and event marketing and production.

Event Planning – it is vital that all businesses have a strategic plan for their events delivery. Including Marketing, Venue research and selection, hospitality strategy, invitation process, follow up and evaluation.

Devising attractive incentives, managing their delivery and creating imaginative and new incentives is key to keeping sales teams, business teams, sales channels and distribution channels motivated.

Corporate hospitality is one of the most effective forms of face-to-face marketing. Corporate hospitality and corporate entertaining encompasses all of the aspects of entertaining clients, suppliers, prospects and indeed staff. The purpose may be to say thank you, to get to know clients better or to meet new prospects. It is important companies, who offer corporate hospitality select the correct events for their target audience, budget correctly, buy safely and maximize the opportunity.

Niche Events Management assists in all aspects of the process.


We can deliver results at this critical time for your property. Attract key employees and build your team from the ground up. Produce pre opening training programs and seminars. Set up your systems and manuals to provide a solid foundation for your team.


“Ghost Guest” we will come in and stay for a weekend and evaluate everything we see and do and provide a complete operations report looking at the nuts and bolts of your processes and how they ultimately affect your guests. We will provide you with honest impressions of your service staff, food and beverage offerings, and stay quality. We will answer the questions you are unable to ask your staff.


Change is difficult, but if managed properly it doesn’t have to be. Niche will come in and take your organization in a new direction using your existing team and set you up for success.

Our extensive experience in the management of hotels enables us to cater a unique and comprehensive plan for each transition we approach. Transition in ownership, management, renovations or upgrades. Short Term Coverage Management- need a break? We can cover your operations while you step back. With our varied experience we can come into any operation and hit the ground running and more importantly give you peace of mind while you recharge your batteries.

Niche management team knows the ins and outs of hospitality management and can achieve our transition objectives with minimal negative impact. Having been involved in many transitions throughout our years of hospitality management, we know that management during these periods can be challenging, but with the proper planning and execution we are able to make a seamless transition. Hotel operations must continue to work in a smooth and continuous progression in order to avoid any adverse effects during these periods.


“An ideal management couple with their combined skills and expertise. They did a remarkable job of motivating the staff and building a true and sincere team spirit.”
Mark Scott, Director of Development, Spice Isle Trading Ltd

“Christine and Devin Nelles were lifesavers for me and my new hotel, Sugar Reef Bequia! ”
Heather Evans, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

“They’re fun, friendly, hip and upbeat and they make everything feel really easy while still maintaining a sense of luxury.  It’s a hard to find combination. ”
Pamela Norwood, Travel & Leisure
VP, Associate Publisher for Marketing

“Two very energetic individuals with a lot of passion for the industry… professional and very effective.”
Bernardo Bertucci
Laluna – Owner

“Niche has developed some projects in a short time that have proved not only financially profitable but also high guest satisfaction.”
Marie Cummings
Club Intrawest – General Manager

“A great transition team!”
Anya Fernald
Belcampo – CEO