“Devin & Christine took over the management of Mount Cinnamon in early 2013 and during the fifteen months that they managed Mount Cinnamon Resort together, they did a remarkable job of motivating the staff and building a true and sincere team spirit. From this platform they enhanced every single guest’s experience with an unequalled level of personal service for all who stayed at our 20 room boutique hotel.

One of the key measures of their success, and one of the biggest benefits they brought to the property, was in elevating our Trip Advisor rating from seventh in Grenada to number one, a remarkable achievement in such a small and unique property.

An ideal ‘management couple’ with their combined range of skills and expertise. Devin is a knowledgeable and accomplished food and beverage professional, while Christine’s extensive knowledge of rooms division, human resources and general management, compliment each other very well.

I will always be happy to provide more detailed, personal references for them.”

Mark Scott
Director of Development, Spice Isle Trading Ltd



“Christine and Devin Nelles were lifesavers for me and my new hotel, Sugar Reef Bequia! They acted as interim managers when I had to leave on short notice, stepping in and running both the restaurant and hotel without missing a beat. Moreover, at my request, they immediately started putting in place policies and procedures to improve everything from phone etiquette to food ordering. They continued to consult on my return, training me to take over and manage at a significantly higher level than I had before they arrived. I will be forever grateful to Christine and Devin for their role in helping make Sugar Reef the #1 hotel and #1 restaurant in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!”

Heather Evans
Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

“I can’t endorse the Nelles team highly enough! When I was at GQ, prior to my current role at Travel + Leisure, we hosted an annual VIP trip to Laluna where we brought some of our most important clients, executives and our editors. We saw the trip without the Nelles at the helm the first year (not so great) and with Christine and Devin at the helm in subsequent years where the experience was flawless.

Christine has an unbelievable work ethic and provides unmatched customer service. She is one of those hotel people who seems to know almost intuitively how someone is most comfortable being treated – with easy familiarity in some cases and more formally in others. She doesn’t let a single detail slip through the cracks and runs a tight ship. I also noticed that the respect with which she treated her Grenadian support staff really got the most out of them.

Devin is just as good running the kitchen and the food and beverage operation. He is a tremendous, inventive chef and runs the front and back of the house with clockwork precision – presented in a gentle, easy way. 

The best part of the Nelles though is their demeanor. They’re fun, friendly, hip and upbeat and they make everything feel really easy while still maintaining a sense of luxury. Its a hard to find combination.

The Nelles team would be a fabulous addition to any property. I really can’t say enough good things about Christine and Devin.”

Pamela Norwood 
Travel & Leisure (formerly of GQ) – VP, Associate Publisher for Marketing



“You have got two very energetic individuals with a lot of passion for the industry. They worked for us for over 5 years and we still miss them. They are very professional and very effective in restructuring. They introduced a few incentives at Laluna to make the staff more proud and more appreciated and actually they also gave me some good business ideas that provided Laluna with extra income.

Christine is a GM with a 360 degree view of the business and very skilled with guests and staff. Devin is a strong F&B manager. They are both not afraid to work long hours and to achieve the common goal. It is not so easy to find a young couple with no children so motivated and so enthusiastic about their work.”

Bernardo Bertucci
Owner, Laluna Hotel Resort & Spa, Grenada


“A great transition team!”

Anya Fernald
Belcampo – CEO


“Club Intrawest Mexico hired Devin of Niche in January 2012 to oversee and improve the Food and Beverage Division.  In this capacity Devin is performing in an exemplary manner.  He is an extremely hard worker dedicated to his current team here and the tasks at hand. Niche has developed some projects in a short time that have proved not only financially profitable but also high guest satisfaction.  I would not hesitate to recommend Niche in this or a similar role.”

Marie Cummings
Club Intrawest General Manager


“We contracted Christine and Devin of Niche to manage/operate our business the Maven Gypsy Bed and Breakfast and Cottages on Cabot Trail in Cape Breton for a season. I would have to say their expertise lies not only in dealing with people in a warm and hospitable manner but also raising the level of our business to new heights with great comments on Trip Advisor. They were also extremely instrumental in designing and developing our website and name change. I would highly recommend them to operate or assist any resort or property especially one that is struggling in certain areas.”

Marie Cummings
Owner, The Maven Gypsy B&B and Cottages